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Thanks for visiting.  I’d like to invite you to dive into the many good things available through our parish – things to help you grow in your Catholic faith, aim your heart firmly towards Heaven, and deepen daily in the call to love without measure.  We’re here to help and to serve you; it’s our joy and privilege to do so. 

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What is going on at St. Mary's?          

 Parish School of Religion (P.S.R.)

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A)

Adult Faith Formation  


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  •   Great Ways to Grow in Your Faith, Hope, and Love

  •   RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) information and schedule. 


Faith Formation that comes to you!

Here is a list of CDs of dynamic and helpful teachings to build your faith, ground your hope, and strengthen your ability to love God and others:

  • Who is God? ~ The Blessed Trinity
  • Who am I? ~ Made in God's Image
  • How does God speak to us?
  • Who is our Savior? ~ The Person of Jesus
  • Broken Relationship: Evil and Original Sin
  • Restored Relationship: The Covenants of God
  • Salvation, Justification, and the Paschal Mystery
  • The Holy Spirit and the Birth of the Church
  • The Four Marks of the True Church
  • Our Charter of Freedom: The Ten Commandments
  • The Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell
  • God the Father and Creator
  • The Family of the Church:  The Communion of Saints
  • The Mother of Us All:  The Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Redemptive Suffering:  The Power of Pain
  • The Sacrament of Mercy:  Reconciliation
  • Receiving the Bread of Life:  A Lover's Gift
  • The Eucharist for Sacrifice
  • The Eucharist for the Poor
  • The Eucharist for Authority
  • The Eucharist for Love of Scripture
  • The Eucharist for Conversion
  • The Eucharist for the Saints
  • The Eucharist for Beauty
  • The Eucharist for Science
  • The Fight of Your Life:  Spiritual Combat
  • Love and Contraception
  • The Gospel Call to Purity
  • The Mercy of God and New Life in Christ
  • Evangelization: The Call to Share Your Hope
  • Evangelization and Divisions in the Body of Christ
  • How to Become a Saint
  • Ten Secrets to Authentic Joy
  • The Best Resources Out There:  Plugging into Holy Mother Church
  • All About Annulments:  Real Answers, Real Help
  • Take Back Your Kids:  Keeping them Catholic

The titles above are mostly single CDs; a few are two CDs.  When you e-mail to request a title, please give us your mailing address.  The CDs are free, but a $3.00 donation for each title would be greatly appreciated to cover the materials and mailing costs.  Please send your requests to


Click HERE for Catholic #1 Goldmine Resources.

Included in this link: 

  1. What are the most important things to "get" about God and the Church?

Click HERE for Catholic #2 Goldmine Resources.

Included in this link:

  1. Why do we need the Sacraments?  Are they really essential to God's plan for us?
  2. Did you know?  Here are some awesome sidelights of the Catholic Faith.

Click HERE for Catholic #3 Goldmine Resources.

Included in this link:

  1. Do Catholics worship Mary?
  2. How can I understand the Mass better so I can get my heart into it more?

Click HERE for Catholic #4 Goldmine Resources.

Included in this link:

  1. How can I really learn how to pray and learn to love to pray?
  2. How do I extend an invitation to others to attend our church?

Click HERE for Catholic #5 Goldmine Resources.

Included in this link:

  1. Why does an all-good God allow us to suffer?
  2. I really could find God by picking up my Bible more often, right?


Miss Ellienne Planchet's Bio - 


     Miss Ellienne Planchet is excited to be the new Director of Religious Education.  She is a New Hampshire native and a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville where she studied Theology/Catechetics and English.  She has taught both junior high and elementary schools in Mississippi and New Hampshire respectively.  She has also spent seven summers working as a counselor and the Liturgical Life Director at a Catholic girls’ summer camp.  She looks forward to meeting and working with the families of St. Mary’s Church and School of Piscataway!