Second Collections (Archdiocese of Washington)


Dear Lord Prayer, teach me to be generous,
Teach me to serve you as you deserve,
To give and not to count the cost,
To fight and not to heed the wound,
To toil and not to seek for rest,
To labor and not to seek reward,
Save that of knowing that I do your will.


--St. Ignatius Loyola


 2019 Second Collections:

                       2020-01-04/05 Archdiocese of Military Service -                   

    • 2020-04-25/26 Church Missions within the United States - will support the Black and Indian Missions and Catholic Home Missions.  It is directed to two important domestic missionary outreaches in the Church.  First, it supports needy Black and Native American communities in the U.S. with funds for parish support and evangelization needs.  Second, it supports home mission dioceses in the U.S. that are unable to offer their people basic pastoral ministries of word, worship, and service without outside help.
    • 2020-03-14/15  Church in the Developing World - will raise funds for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America.
    • 2020-04-9/10  Holy Land - for those pastoral, charitable, educational, and social works which the Church supports in the Holy Land for the welfare of their Christian brethren and of the local communities.  For further information please click HERE.
    • 2020-05-16/17  Catholic Relief Services - funds legal aid to poor refugees, emergency and natural disaster relief, advocacy, and international relief and 2020-06-27/28  Holy Father (Peter's Pence) - provides emergency assistance to suffering people throughout the world.  Gifts to this annual collection help the Holy Father support victims of war, natural disasters, and others most in need of assistance.  For more information click HERE.
    • 2020-08-01/02  Catholic Communications and Human Development - will combine efforts for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Catholic Communication Campaign.
    • 2020-09-12/13  The Catholic University of  America - underwrites scholarships to help financially deserving students complete their educations at CUA.
    • 2020-10-17/18  World Missions/Propagation of the Faith - these funds are distributed in the Pope's name by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith for pastoral and evangelizing programs and needs of more than 1,150 mission dioceses in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands and remote regions of Latin America.  For further information click HERE.
    • 2020-11-07/08  Archdiocesan Priests' Retirement Fund- please give to those who have given a lifetime.
    • 2020-12-12/13  Retirement for Religious - benefits elderly women and men religious.  More than 19,000 religious have less than 20 percent of the amount needed for projected costs of living and healthcare.  Click HERE for more information.



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