RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)




Interested in learning about the Catholic Faith?

 Come join us for the sessions of the

 Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults process!


RCIA sessions are held almost every Monday evening, from 7:00 p.m. to about 8:00 p.m. in our Parish Conference Room.   Please, regularly check our Parish Calendar towards the bottom on the Home Page of this Website.

We’d love to get to know you and help you to learn more about our faith.  If you have questions about these sessions or our faith, please feel free to call Fr. Timothy Baer, our parish’s Pastor, at (301) 292-0527, Ext. #101.

RCIA 2017-2018 Sessions, page 1:

RCIA 2017-2018 Sessions, page 2:

Here are the sessions that have happened in the past few years and mp3 files of those teachings.  You are welcome to download them and enjoy, or share.

September   -    The Existence of God & The Blessed Trinity
September   -    Brenda Randall's testimony
September   -    Steve Westmoreland's testimony
September   -    Made in God's Image
September   -    Sylvester Jones' testimony
September   -    Evil & Original Sin
October        -    Karen Macaluso's testimony
October        -    Covenants of God (Pat Keimig)
October        -    Paula Addamiano-Carts' testimony
October        -    Divine Revelation
October        -    Mary Maresch's testimony
October        -    Salvation, Justification & the Paschal Mystery
October        -    Michelle Maresch's testimony
October        -    The Four Last Things
November    -    Patricia Keimig's testimony
November    -    The Holy Spirit & the Birth of the Church (Joe Keimig)
November    -    The Ten Commandments
November    -    Steve Maresch's testimony
November    -    The Four Marks of the Church (Dcn. George Ames)
December    -     Rose Keimig's testimony
December    -     The Person of Jesus (Joe Keimig)
December    -     Juliette Finkenaur's testimony
December    -     Introduction to the Sacraments & Sacrament of Baptism
December (Retreat Day) - Lisa Macaluso's testimony
December (Retreat Day) - Blessed Virgin Mary (Joe Keimig)
December (Retreat Day) - Communion of Saints (Joyce Ames)
December (Retreat Day) - Introduction to Sacred Scripture (Dcn. George Ames)
December    -     Jo Westmoreland's testimony
December    -     The Eucharist (Fr. Baer)
January      -      Joe Keimig's testimony
January      -      The Sacrament of Reconciliation
January      -      Gunter Finkenaur's testimony
January      -      Understanding Suffering
January      -      Faith, Hope & Love
February     -      The Dignity of the Human Person (Pat Keimig)
February (Retreat Day) - The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony  (Dcn. George & Joyce Ames)
March      -       Traditions of Prayer (Michelle Maresch)
March      -       Spiritual Combat
March      -       Challenge of Humility
March      -       Call to Purity (Steve Maresch)
April        -       Who is God to You Now? (Joe Keimig)
April        -       What to Know & Where to Go
May         -       Vocations & Universal Holiness

New Talks and Testimonies Given since the above were recorded:
Topics  --    Evangelization & Ecumenism (Bill Keimig)
                   Holy Spirit (Joe Keimig)
                   Faith, Hope & Love (Joe Randall)
                   Virtue & Vice (Pat Keimig)
                   Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist (Fr. Baer)
                   Cardinal Virtues (Pat Keimig)
                   Social Teaching of the Church (John Stevens)

Testimonies  --   Betty Capello's testimony
                           Christa's testimony
                           Markita Gray's testimony
                           Peter Catama's testimony
                           Rose Keimig's testimony
                           Raquel Gordon's testimony