More on Baptism


Forms pertaining to Baptism/Sponsor Information

  1. Baptismal Procedures/How Do I get my Child Baptized?:  Click here for more information.
  2. Baptismal Preparation Form:  Please print this FORM  if you desire to have your child baptized and bring this to your appointment with Father Plummer.
  3. What does it mean to be in "Good Standing"?    Please read this for an explanation.
  4. Being a Faithful Godparent or Sponsor:  Please click here for information on being a sponsor for Baptism and/or Confirmation.
  5. Baptism or Confirmation Sponsor's/Proxy's Affidavit:  Please print this FORM  if you need a letter of approval to be a sponsor for Baptism and/or Confirmation.  Next, please complete this form and bring it to the parish office for Father Baer's approval and signature.  Please leave us your name and several phone numbers and we will call you after Father has approved your request.  Thank you!